WE Only Use Locally Sourced Fresh Meats. All Our Kebabs Are Served With Pitta Bread,Side Salad and Choice of Sauce


  1. Lamb and Beef Doner Kebab

    Made with Traditional Turkish seasoning and lets just say with a higher meat content
  2. Halloumi Cheese Kebab

    Slice of Halloumi Cheese Served with Red / Green peppers and Mushroom
  3. Kofte Kebab

    Made with minced brest and minced leg of lamb to achieve a uique taste, served with red onions, mixed peppers, fresh parsley and our secret blend of spices
  4. Lamb Shish

    We only use the very best of leg lamb fillet. Its then marinated in our special blend of mediterranean spices, lemon juice and garlic
  5. Special Chicken Shish

    Served with Mushrooms and mixed peppers
  6. Chicken Shish Kebab

    Chicken Breast Cubes Marinated in Garlic Lemon juice and our special blend of mediterranean spices
  7. Chicken Doner Kebab

    Marmaris Speciality, we only use 100% chicken Leg fillet Fillet Marinated in Garlic peppers, Onions and our secret blend of mediterranean Spices
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